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NICK. I couldn't find you any rubbing alcohol, but. . .

. . .Um, I found a penny.

. . .

That's not going to get us very far, is it?
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Ugh. I'mm so hungry -- and this stupid computer won't stop bleeding! It's going from gross to annoying. . .

I've been told that there's a bar that can sell you food or something -- not that I have any money, but um. . . does anyone know where it is?
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Mia is here. . . I can't believe it. . . she's actually here! And Mr. Edgeworth's back, too! Not that I'd ever wish for them to be in this horrible place. . .

But my sister -- wow. I can't believe it. . . it's amazing!

Ms. von Karma's also moved in with me. She's been awefully quiet. . .
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Anyone reading this please. . .

My friend, Phoenix, is hurt. . . if anyone has any medical supplies, please respond to this!!
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Alright. Someone tell me where I can find a firehose? Pleeeease? I know Nick was playing, sure, but -- but this is serious now! I need to train. . .

So um, could anyone tell me where the fire department is~? Or am I going to get mauled by something if I attempt to get there?
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Hm -- so, there's a cemetery here? It looks pretty old -- at least, from the sidewalk I was on. I didn't actually go inside. . . but, I think there was already someone there! I could have sworn I saw someone walking around in there. . . I should go check it out. Hm, actually. . . I wonder. . .

. . .

I wonder if I could channel Mia? Hey, yeah! I'll bet she could help us ALL find a way out of here! Well -- I may as well try, right? Just, it'll be harder for me now. . . nng, I. . . I haven't eaten in. . . well, it seems like forever. . . and summoning a spirit into my body takes a lot of energy. . .

. . .

But since when has that stopped me~? Never! Right, I'm going to do it! Mia's sure to have a strategy to get out of this mess!
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Well, I've been trying to channel Mia, but it's just not working. I was doing so well, too -- it must be this place! Still. . . I'll bet she could give Nick and Mr. Edgeworth some good advice! Huh, maybe there's a waterfall around here somewhere that I can train it-- . . . oh, wait. No, there probably isn't, huh. . .?

Well, hm. I'll have to find something to replace said waterfall. I remember Nick saying something about a fire hose last year. . . hmmm. . .
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This place is running out of food?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Augh! I can't live without food -- not that, technically, anyone CAN -- but you don't understand. I NEED my burgers! I. . . oh, this is bad. But maybe I'm just panicking. . . right?

. . .

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AH~ Nick is here~~! I'm so happy to see him!! I haven't been this excited since . . . well, since I was rescued! It feels like it's been forever since the last I saw him, or Mr. Edgeworth! . . .Not that I've seen Mr. Edgeworth yet, but I can't wait to see him, too!!

Gah, I need to calm down. I can't help it though, even though this place doesn't seem all too. . . nice. . . it's still great to be able to see my friends!
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Well, I've decided that this place is really, really creepy -- and what's more disturbing, is that. . . someone not so nice from my world is here, too. Hmph! I hope that girl he hurt is alright, wherever she is. . .

Oh. . . I almost forgot. . .

Nick, we need to talk -- I hope you're reading this. If not, I'll have to send you an e-mail, but it's important!
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Well, I'm glad I met Miss Yuko -- we're together in this. . . place right now. It's comforting to have someone with me now. I was a bit frightened. . .

<'Cause you can't do anything right, dur?>

. . .The computer just talked to me. I don't think this is normal-- oh, I need an e-mail address too--


--WHY DOES EVERYONE SAY THAT? HOW IS IT THAT MY CLOTHES LOOK LIKE HIPPY CLOTHES?! Why don't you answer THAT, you stupid piece of junk--

. . .Why's the screen bleeding?

Aaaaanyways, I'm going to see if I can help Miss Yuko figure out some other e-mail addresses here. . . Nick, Mr. Edgeworth, we're going to try and find you guys, okay~? Wish us luck!

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Well, this is just great. . . I think I'm lost. This certainly isn't Los Angeles! What am I gonna do. . . I haven't run into anyone yet, which may or may not be a good thing. I've got a bad feeling about this. . . I can feel it in my Fey blood! And my blood is NEVER wrong!

. . .

Well, maybe sometimes it is. . . I mean, sheesh! Oh, I hope Pearly is doing alright. . .


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